DMX Research

Our innovative research team is continually experimenting with new combinations of metals and metallic alloys that improve PVD coatings and enhance properties such as adhesion, hardness, durability, and internal stress and tribological characteristics.

For these purposes DMX has invested in high performance equipment for characterization.

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INTRODUCTION Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coatings remain even today one of the hottest topics in the industry and the world of academic research. Industrial companies already adopted some of the DLC versions many years ago. Their performances, in particular for … Continue reading



The Contour GT 3D Optical Microscope is used for non-contact surfaces measurements. The gage-capable system offers intuitive access to an extensive library of pre-programmed filters and analysis for a wide range of surfaces.


CSM Indentation Tester

The high precision CSM nanoindentation instrument (TTX-NHT) is used for mechanical properties characterization of thin films, coatings and substrates.
Properties such as hardness and elastic modulus can be determined on almost any type of material: soft, hard, brittle or ductile.

Revetest Scratch Testeur CSM

CSM Scratch Tester

The CSM Revetest Scratch Tester is a dedicated instrument for characterizing the surface mechanical properties of thin films and coatings, e.g. adhesion, fracture and deformation. The scratch tester’s ability to characterize the film-substrate system and to quantify parameters such as friction and adhesive strength, using a variety of complementary methods, makes it an invaluable tool for research, development and quality control.

Tribometre Standard CSM

CSM standard Tribometer

The CSM standard tribometer is used for the determination and study of friction and wear behavior of almost every solid material combination, with varying time, contact pressure, velocity, temperature, humidity, lubricants, etc.

Fisherscope XULM

Fischerscope XULM

The FISCHERSCOPE is an X-Ray spectrometer for quantitative materials analysis. Using X-Ray fluorescence principle, it is widely used for coating thickness measurement and is also well suited for element identification.

Calotest CSM

CSM calotest

The CSM calotest is widely used for analyzing coatings with thicknesses of between 0.1 and 50 µm. The simple ball-cratering method is a fast and accurate means of checking the thickness of any coating, whether a single or multilayered stack.